How to fix Xbox 360 overheating

James Dean 3 Red light Fix ProThe Xbox 360 is definitely a marvelous gaming device- there is no doubt about it. However, like any other gadget, the Xbox too is prone to certain technological problems. One of the most common problems that Xbox 360 owners would be aware of is the overheating issue.

Although the people at Microsoft may claim that the device does not heat up too much, the fact is a mean gaming machine like the Xbox 360 cannot stay cool consistently. Moreover, the design of the 360 makes heat dissipation problematic, so overheated Xbox 360s are not an uncommon sight. In fact, the series of red light errors that every Xbox 360 gamer dreads are more or less caused by overheating issues.

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So what can you do to stop overheating problems from disrupting your gaming time? Fixing Xbox 360 overheating issues may seem to be the stuff for hardcore techies, but with the following easy steps, you too can learn how to fix Xbox 360 overheating:

  1. You first need to see if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty. If it is, then its best if you give your console over to the Microsoft technicians. If you still want to fix the console yourself, you must remember that it would require you to disassemble your Xbox 360, which voids your warranty. If you are prepared to risk that, then you can move on to the next step.

  1. The next step for fixing your 360’s overheating problem is to open up the console. First remove the front panel of the console. Once this is done, take off the top and bottom vents and then remove the side casing of the console.

  1. When the outer casing of the console has been opened up, you would be able to see the inner metal chassis. You would now have to remove the metal cover of this chassis by removing 6 screws at the periphery of the cover.

  1. Once you remove the cover, you would see the DVD drive of the Xbox 360. You now have to remove this DVD drive to reveal the CPU and GPU or graphics processing unit of the console. In most cases, the Xbox 360 overheats because of bad cooling around the GPU, so your focus is on that piece of equipment.

  1. At this point, you would need an Xbox repair kit in order to fix the overheating issue. You can get these kits anywhere and even find some online. If you do not want to get a repair kit, you will need some nylon and steel washers, long screws, and some heat sink paste.

  1. The best way to rectify the overheating problem is to improve the cooling system just a little bit. You can do this by scrapping off the old heat sink compound off the GPU and applying a thin layer of the new element.

  1. The washers are required for getting your GPU in contact with your motherboard. This is to be done as you begin assembling back your Xbox 360.

The whole process takes around 1 hour to complete, and 2 hours for most technologically challenged individuals.

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